Success Stories & Testimonials

I cannot tell you how much joy this water system has brought our family. The kids love the cold water & the ice. The GE Analyzer is just great!

Jill S.
Dove Canyon, CA

It’s the best investment we’ve ever made.

Caroline M.
Encino, CA

Thank you. I love the taste and feel of the water. John was terrific.

Rhonda S.
Pasadena, CA

The Elite Water treatment system is great! We love our soft water and wouldn’t dream of going back to hard water.

When we moved from Florida to California, we noticed a dramatic change in the performance of our detergents. Although we were using the same dish detergent, our dishes were always filmy and looked as if they had not been washed. In order to ensure their cleanliness, we stopped using the dish washer and started washing dishes by hand. Our laundry also suffered considerably. Clothing wasn’t as white, and dirt and stains weren’t coming out as well as they had in Florida. We heard from others that the water in our area was hard. But when the Elite Water representative came to our house and tested our water, we saw how hard the water really was.

We bought the water softening system and began to notice an immediate and dramatic improvement in our dishes and clothing. Glasses came out spotless, clothing came out clean again. You can also feel the difference when you shower your skin feels smoother. Besides wanting clean dishes and clean clothes, we decided to buy the system because we had just purchased our first home and wanted to protect this major investment in our lives. At one point we were apartment managers in another area with hard water and had to replace hot water heaters due to extensive damage caused by the hard water. We didn’t want the same problems in our new home.

Our Elite Water treatment system is great. When we first got it, I was concerned that it wouldn’t be as good a performer as advertised, but it really works like a champ!

I would recommend Elite Water to any of my friends.

Keith H.
Torrance, CA

Our Elite Water System is saving us lots of money and the water tastes delicious! I recommend your system to everyone who will listen.

George P.
Laguna Niguel, CA

I’m really enjoying my GE Analyzer. I don’t know how I did without it.

Connie M.
La Habra Heights, CA

Nick at Elite Water Systems has installed and maintained a whole house filtration and water softening system, as well as a reverse osmosis filtration system for my kitchen. He’s been maintaining my water system with great care and integrity for over a decade. With all the scary news in the media about dirty water, I feel secure that my family is drinking safe, clean water.

Mark Zakarin
Brentwood, CA

Elite Water Systems has always provided excellent products and services to me. Nick is very knowledgeable and personable – he takes time to explain what the product is and how it works. I’ve used Elite for many years and have always been a satisfied customer.

Customer since 2001
Rancho Palos Verdes

I am very pleased with my Elite water system. I have this system in my home and office. Everyone in my office is delighted to not have to deal with plastic bottles of water and comment on how much they enjoy drinking the water as it is so refreshing and easy to access. At home my dishes sparkle more and bathing feels luxurious.

Barbara M
La Cañada, North Hollywood

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